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Daniele Jewellery has been a fixture of the Australian Jewellery industry for 25 years. We strive to cater to all our clients needs and create for them a piece which is special and eternal. It is because of this seamless procedure that Daniele Jeweller has become a prominent name in the wholesale and retail industry in Sydney’s South-West. With our team of skilled artisans, every item created in our workshop is the result of a symbolic relationship between the craftsman and art. Our clients are ultimately presented with a flawless end product. Visit Daniele Jewellers and let us create timeless and meaningful pieces that reflect precious moments captured in time.

Michael Daniele

Michael Daniele has been a fixture in the Australian Jewellery industry for over 20 years. The allure of the craft is simple for Michael,

All I have ever wanted to do is create timeless and meaningful pieces of jewellery that reflect precious moments captured in time.

Michael realised his passion for making jewellery while working as an apprentice for a Sydney-based master jeweller. While learning all aspects of jewellery design and manufacture, Michael mastered the art of custom-made jewellery using modern and traditional techniques.

After completing his apprenticeship, Michael established his first workshop, which provided a starting-point for the techniques and skills he had acquired as well as being the base from which his passion for new designs could flourish.  Due to popular demand for his unique and finely crafted designs, he later moved to larger premises-a combined workshop and retail outlet.

Michael’s extensive overseas travel and attendance at many major jewellery expos all over the world add to the contintental vibe at Daniele Jewellers and ensures customers are kept in touch with the latest global trends.

My philosophy is simple – don’t get stuck in a certain era. Move with the times to get a grasp on the next generation and work with them.

The Team

Every piece of jewellery tells a story, whether it be design, materials or the artisians approach. The team at Daniele Jewellers never fails to create pieces of enduring beauty which sees customers returning again and again to commemorate life’s most treasured moments.

The creation of jewellery is fine art form transforming raw elements of the earth into intricate works of adornment. This takes inspiration, experience and highly developed design abilities. Michael’s artistry results in distinctive jewellery that reflects each client’s individual style and personal requirements. These skills are shared by Michael’s team of highly accomplished craftsmen. Under his masterful guidance, the team at Daniele Jewellers take great pride in creating unique pieces of unsurpassed quality.

Daniele Jewellers is built on foundations of experience, expertise and customer service excellence. Supreme quality is the key to success of Daniele Jewellers and is the benchmark by which the team works meticulously on every piece to achieve satisfaction for their clients. With the majority of pieces made specifically for each customer, each is truly unique.

Best known for the creation of exquisite diamond engagement rings and wedding bands, each item is handcrafted in accordance with the specific requests and desires of every client. Customers at Daniele Jewellers are offered once-on-one service with trained consultants and all their designs are expertly crafted with particular attention shown to detail and quality of workmanship.

The combined skills of the on-site jewellers comprehensively encompass every aspect of the jewellery trade from working with gold to stone setting. The team has an unsurpassed dedication to quality in jewellery.

The workshop is located on the premises and visable to the public so all customers can see first hand how an original, handcrafted piece is made.

Our Showroom & Workshop

Cleaning & Servicing

At Daniele Jeweller we offer an on-going complimentary cleaning service for your purchases. We recommend:

  • Every 12 months have your jewellery professionally cleaned
  • Once a year have jewellery checked for loose claws, worn settings and general wear and tear
  • Always remove jewellery when participating in sporting activities and  any activities that pose impact/exposure to chemicals (e.g household cleaning products). If you cannot remove your ring while using these cleaning products, protect you’re jewellery (and skin) by wearing gloves.
  • Do not remove your ring by pulling on the gem – as well as exposing it to sweat, dirt and oil, you also risk loosening the setting.
  • Store jewellery in a clean, dry place. Preferrebly in a fabric lined jewellery case/box.
  • Cosmetics, perfumes, colognes and hairspray may cause jewellery to become dull. Apply all of these before putting your jewellery on.

Diamonds Guide

The 4 C’s

The old adage of diamonds being a girl’s best friend still holds true today. This most famous of the gemstones has been inextricably linked with love and romance for decades. Selecting a diamond to commemorate life’s most special moments is made simple at Daniele Jewellers due to the experience, skill and creative talents of the staff.

The most widely used criteria for assessing the quality of a diamond is the four C’s system: Clarity, Colour, Cut and Carat Weight. The four C’s were developed by the industry’s peak standards body – the Gemological Institute of America and adopted universally by respected jewellers.


Diamond clarity is symbolic of purity – the more flaws, the less valuable the diamond. Flawless, VVS (Very Very Slight), VS (Very Slight) and Sl1 (Slight Inclusion 1) have the least inclusions or flaws. Inclusions in diamonds graded Sl2 (Slight Inclusion 2) are visible to the naked eye.



A truly colourless diamond is extrememly rare, as most diamonds possess varying degrees of colour, creating substancial differences in value. The highest grade for a diamond with no colour is and the letter grades are assigned alphabetically to . Each letter grade represents a range of colour and is a measure of how noticeable the colour is.



Of all the four C’s, cut has the greatest degree of effect on a diamonds beauty. The better quality the cut, the more brilliance and beauty the diamond will have. This does not refer to the overall shape of the diamond, but rather the quality of the cutting reflected in the the finish, proportion and symmetry of the external facets.


Carat Weight

Diamond carat is the standard used to measure diamond weight. One carat equals 1/5th of a gram. As diamonds increase in size, so does their cost. Weight does not enhance the value of a diamond, particularly if it is badly cut.

Carat Weight

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